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Idealista is an app from a well-known real estate agency in Spain. With it, you can find your ideal house in a convenient way all from your phone.

With Idealista, you can find your perfect apartment or house no matter where you're located thanks to geolocation. The listings will be sorted by distance up to 10 kilometers.

You can also perform other simple or extensive searches and track all the real estate for rent or for sale in the city or town in which you live or to which you want to move.

The app will show you the available listings either on the map or based on your preferences. Once you tap on one, you can see more information, read its description, and take a look at pictures.

You can also use the app to sell or rent your own apartments by including details, photos, and the Google Maps location.

In short, Idealista is one of the best tools for finding a house to rent. It has the largest customer registration base of all the real estate agencies in Spain.
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